rave reviews for “restoration comedy” at the flea!

“Restoration Comedy” received rave reviews from the press!

Highlights include:

NYTimes ReviewPerformed with insouciant wit and indefatigable physicality by the attractive and flamboyantly costumed young members of the Flea’s resident acting ensemble, the Bats, “Restoration Comedy” celebrates a libertine spirit that’s hard to deny…. It’s Filthy/Gorgeous.

Let’s Talk Off Broadway Review:  In fact everybody who has had anything to do with this play does what he or she does superbly.  There’s an entire troupe of first rate dancers, with fresh and imaginative choreography by Will Taylor — not the kind of group shuffling around the stage that sometimes goes by the name of “choreography.” 

Huffington Post Review:  I also want to take a moment to talk a little bit more about the impressive ensemble work…. These actors execute choreographer Will Taylor’s imaginative choreography, play musical instruments, sing, and then socialize with the audience while serving food and drinks… [they] are what give the company the charming, intimate vibe that makes The Flea such a special place for me. 

Jennifer is extremely proud to have performed in the dance company and as the music captain for the sold-out run of the show!

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