new york madness: facing fears edition!

Jennifer excited to be performing in Shaun B. Fauntleroy‘s short play Eye to Eye as part of New York Madness‘ October Facing Fears edition!  The piece will be directed by Ben Ferber!

There might be robots!


Sunday, October 30th

The Kraine Theater

85 East 4th St / Ellen Stewart Way


What is Madness?

Madness: (Noun-jative): a raw and unpredictable show of short plays by an ensemble of emerging playwrights.The primary goal of Madness is the exploration of modern American Playwriting through the use of theatrical storytelling.

The playwright’s Mission: Page to Stage within a one week time span. They write a short play and cast it, rehearse it, bring it in on its feet. The collected works create a kaleidoscope of cultural moments reflecting this moment in time, framed by a THEME that is chosen by the Featured Guest Artist.

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