Rage Play: Flux Theatre Ensemble

by Nandita Shenoy
directed by Lori Elizabeth Parquet
part of the Flux Forward play development program and Food:Soul

December 5, 2018
Location: “Torn Page” 435 West 22nd Street

Featuring: Farah Bala, Alisha Spielmann, Jennifer Tsay, and CJ Wilson

SYNOPSIS: In RAGE PLAY three women try to understand why they’ve killed a man…and why they must keep killing him. And why he keeps coming back. Inspired by the #MeToo movement, Nandita Shenoy’s powerful play explores the cost women face in fighting back against misogyny and patriarchy, and how they might be complicit in these systems. Set within a purgatorial theatre field, the women work through memories of abuse in hopes of finding liberation…or at least a little revenge. RAGE PLAY is part of Flux’s FluxForward program. This developmental reading will be followed by a facilitated conversation.

Learn more: http://www.fluxtheatre.org/2018/11/foodsoul-of-nandita-shenoys-rage-play/

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