Ensemble Studio Theatre: Do Androids Dream Of Electric Brunch?

Jennifer will be playing Lily in Yilong Liu’s short play Lily in EST’s upcoming brunch plays on Sunday February 10th, presented by EST Youngblood & the EST/Sloan Project. The play will be directed by John Giampietro.

the Youngblood Science Brunch

Pull out your Erlenmeyer flask, your bunsen burner, and your biography of Marie Curie and join us for five new plays celebrating science by the writers of Youngblood, as well as pancakes, bacon and (young)bloody marys!

featuring new short plays by Amanda Keating, Yilong Liu, Cristina Luzarraga, Megan Chan Meinero, & one play co-written by Lily Houghton & Sofya Levitsky-Weitz

Brunch begins at 12:30PM, plays begin at 1:00PM!

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